Certified Green Builder

Elite Construction Services is proud to be Certified by “Built It Green.” “Build It Green” is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote healthy and energy efficient building practices in California. As a member, we are required to undergo intensive training and testing in order achieve to maintain that accreditation.

As a family owned business, we understand the need to plan for the future.

“Going green” is not just a trend, it is a necessity. We simply cannot continue to use up our resources and pollute the environment at the rate that we are currently. “Build it Green” and organizations like it, provide us builders with the information that we need to educate our clients. Together we can create a home with the amenities that you desire and at the same time, minimize the impact on our environment.


Before the project begins is the very best time to start implementing a “Green Plan”. We will be your guide to achieving your goals and creating a project that you will really feel good about.


During the construction of your project, we utilize the latest techniques to minimize waste. This includes among other things, recycling, buying local when possible, and buying quality tools and materials that will last longer.


After your project is completed, we will continue to assist you in your efforts to “Be Green”. By maintaining your property, it will run with less energy waste and it will last longer.