Project Estimates

Wonder what a new kitchen or bathroom costs? Below we have outlined what you might expect to pay for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. As you know, project cost vary based on specific conditions and requirements.

We are experts at working with you to help reduce your overall costs

while still creating the kitchen or bathroom you desire. We provide a free estimate for any project you may be considering. Our detailed estimates include a breakdown for labor, materials and subcontractors, so that you have an exact understanding of where your money is being spent. This will enable you to make intelligent and informed decisions about how to best create the kitchen or bathroom that you deserve.

Estimated Kitchen Remodel Costs

Economy Better Best
Small Galley Kitchen $25K $35K $45K+
Medium Kitchen $30K $45K $60K+
Large Kitchen $40K $65K+ $100K+


Estimated Bathroom Remodel Costs

Economy Better Best
Powder Room – 1/2 Bath $5K $10K $20K+
Medium Bath $20K $25K $35K+
Large Master Bath $25K $35K+ $60K+


On the charts above, good, better and best indicates what level of finish you desire.
Design, permits, labor, materials, appliances and fixtures are also included in the estimates above.

This is what a typical Income / Rental property remodel might cost.  We don’t work on projects at this level, but if you shop around you can find contractors that do.

Includes cabinet upgrades such as soft close drawers and full extension glides and upgraded appliances and fixtures.
Counter tops may be quartz or granite with a decorative backsplash. It may also include some minor site modifications.

Includes high-end custom cabinetry, designer fixtures and restaurant grade appliances.
It may include relocating load bearing walls, appliances and/or plumbing fixtures.

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”
– John Ruskin (1819-1900)